I'm the new homepage of the Carsharing-Union Markt Schwaben e.V.

After I was infected by a malicious virus a long time ago and then fell into a long deep sleep, a small group of dedicated and knowledgeable IT princes have finally woken me up. After such a long period of inactivity, I was unfortunately no longer “up to date”. Therefore, my awakeners have to give me an extensive update first. I'm really looking forward to it, because in the next few weeks / months I will get a chic new dress (maybe a crown will pop out for me as well 👸🏻) and then I finally can present myself to the public again.

I'm looking forward to a modern outfit with lots of information for my users. After this long period of invisibility, it absolutely has to be colorful - so many pictures would be great! And a secret compartment! - I love secret compartments - only for our members! I hope the princes can grant my wishes. In any case, I am very excited about my new look and can hardly wait to be visible to you again and to answer your questions.

Your Carsharing Union Markt Schwaben e.V.